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I was a very successful businessman with many businesses in Syria. Our family had a good life, but when the war began, everything changed. We lost our home and everything we had worked so hard for and we were caught in the middle of the fighting. Like many Syrians, I was wrongly imprisoned by the Syrian regime and I was only released when a friend paid a bribe. I knew I had to leave Syria or I would face the same fate again. I escaped Syria and underwent a treacherous journey, sleeping on the streets, but when I was finally given asylum in the UK, I saw a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. I applied for my wife and family to join me and it was during this time that I heard about the work of Wycombe Refugee Partnership. They helped with everything from providing a home, food and clothes, arranging school places, providing English classes and helping us to settle into life in High Wycombe. We have been through very difficult times as a family, but High Wycombe is our home now and we are finally able to begin rebuilding our lives in safety here. My children go to school and have made many friends, my wife is learning English and I have just started my own business. I hope to build something of which our family – and community – can be proud.

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