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As a Kurd in Syria, life was never easy. Persecuted and imprisoned for human rights activism, I fled with my family to Iraq, but when things became very dangerous there too and I was faced with being forced to join the army and kill my own people, I had no choice but to leave. Leaving my family behind was the hardest thing, but it was the only chance we had to be safe. I took the dangerous journey to the UK and was finally given asylum here, which meant that I could apply for my wife and children to fly to join me here. Not having a credit history in the UK makes it very difficult to find a place to live, so when I heard of Wycombe Refugee Partnership through a friend, I was very happy. They helped me to find a house and they donated all the furniture, as well as some food, clothes and toys, so that when, after 18 months of being apart, I was finally reunited with my wife and children, I knew that we had a safe and welcoming place to finally be together. It means so much to us to live in a place free from war and persecution, a place where our children can grow up safely and where we can be a part of a friendly community. My wife is learning English and my children are in school and can now speak English too. I have just been awarded a place to study for a Masters in International Politics at university and I hope one day to be able to be able to use what I learn to help resolve conflict in the Middle East.

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