We are a group of people who care. There are about 60 volunteers, Muslims, Christians and others, working together to put at least some refugee families back on their feet after their nightmare experiences. Here are the core group and trustees, who lead the different teams.

Revd Hugh Ellis

Chair and Trustee

Dr Michael Bowker

Vice-Chair and Governance Trustee

Dr Stephanie Rybak

Co-ordination and Logistics Trustee

Dr Tanveer Choudhary

Befriending Lead and Trustee

Saleema Burney

Education Trustee

Razwan Baig


Liz Sheppard

School Admissions Lead

Sue Butler

English for Speakers of Other Languages Lead

Kath Dunn

Work Lead

Trina Richards

Community Response and Donated Goods Lead

Cllr Mohammed Hanif


Dr Nasheeda Mariyam

Trustee and Volunteer Co-ordinator

Dr Nahla Eltinay

Safeguarding Lead

Hannah Underwood


Wycombe Refugee Partnership charity no: 1168176