High Wycombe is the name of this town but it is often just called Wycombe. It is a large
town with a population of about 125,000. Wycombe is a market town - there has been a
market here for hundreds of years. The town also has a history of paper mills and furniture
making. There are good schools at primary and secondary level and there are a small
university and a hospital in the centre of the town.

There is a mixed population of about 77% white British but also around 16% of Asian background, mostly Muslim from Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.


Wycombe is in the county of Buckinghamshire (Bucks). 


High Wycombe is 25 minutes by fast train from London Marylebone. It has a good network of buses.


Nearby large towns include Reading and Slough. There are lots of small villages close to High Wycombe, as well as some lovely countryside - fields, farms and woodlands.